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The 7-Iron

March 16, 2012

It’s a terrible feeling when you look in your bag, eager to pull out that perfect club for the shot you need to play, and it has gone AWOL. Not only does it lower your chances of hitting that perfect, match-winning shot that is inevitably going to require that specific club, there is that gnawing fear that the club is gone forever.

Recently, I was playing a round with a friend and we got to the 11th hole, I turned to my bag for a 7-iron, and it was gone. I proceeded to go through the 5-stages of grief at least 20 times over the next hole. It was intense. What finally settled me down was the fact that it was the 7-iron. No one picks up and keeps a 7-iron. It was gauranteed to be turned in.

golf clubs in green bag outsideThe main club(s) that you have to be worried about never getting back if lost is your wedges. People tend to pick up and keep any wedges they find. Why? The main reason is the the wedge you find is always nicer than your current wedge. They find it and assume the golfing gods have bestowed upon them the blessing of a nice, super expensive wedge

Still, how does this make you a better golfer? Well, think about your motivation for keeping a nicer wedge. It means that your current wedges are the wrong ones. If you have to steal a wedge to get the right, nice one for your game it means you haven’t properly investing your money. The one area you should never skimp when buying clubs is on the wedges. But the nicest wedges that are perfect for your game. Spare no expense when buying your wedges. You use them more than any other club in the bag, so it is paramount to get the right one. Trust me, it will help.

Now, 7-irons are important. When you have that yardage that is perfect for a smooth, full swing with the 7-iron there is no more important club. However, make sure you have the right wedges. Your game will thank me.


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