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The Masters

April 2, 2012
the masters

There is no week like it. Masters week at Augusta National captures the attention of the aggregate whole of golfers across the world, pulling them in with the undeniably magnetic venue that seems to transcend sporting events. It’s spiritual, fierce, heated, grandiose on the largest scale while maintaining a certain intimacy of union between player and course. It’s everything golf is and more. The question always remains, however, who is going to win?

The Masters tends to defy prediction. Any player seems to have a shot, and the course seems to have a vendetta against the favorite. The greatest players are brought to their knees by the storied course while the dark horses seem to channel greatness while treading the hallowed grounds. It’s anyone’s tournament.

This is evident by last years tournament, where the underdog Charl Schwartzel defied the odds and emerged from the fray victorious. It is seen by Phil Mickelson’s 3 wins, all seeming to come following a rough start to the year. It can be seen by the Angel Cabrera and his unlikely two victories there. Trevor Immelman and Zach Johnson are examples of unlikely winners. Augusta National bows to no one and gives no quarter.the masters

Tiger Woods is always a part of the discussion, and for good reason. Will this be the tournament where he will break his major slump? He won one tournament and people seem to be falling all over him again. It was just one tournament. But was it enough? Does he still have it? Read my blog on him and wade into the discussion.

What will happen this year? No one knows. The only thing for certain is that nothing is certain at Augusta National. So sit back, hold tight, and experience the Masters 2012.


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