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Golf Fashion: Business

April 19, 2012

Business deals are made in many different places, the living room over the phone, in the office conference room, but mostly on the golf course. Golf has been called the sport of business because of the fact that so many business people play golf and make business deals while on the golf course. However, not only is being able to play golf important but also dressing the part is very important to the process as well. Golf attire becomes business attire when making deals out on the golf course.

There is definitely a dress code while playing golf. You cannot wear jeans and even a nice business suit would look awful while you play golf, not to mention that fact that it would hinder your athletic abilities. Basic golf attire includes things such as a hat, a polo shirt, a pullover (if need be), nice pants (never shorts), and the proper shoes for golf. The hat that one wears must be a golf hat and it must be nice, not stained or tattered and torn. If that hat looks ragged and messy then one could easily assume that you do not take care of the smaller details in your work because you have not done so with what you are wearing. Polo shirts are what one should wear when playing golf. Many companies actually make golf shirts made with lightweight material so that it looks nice and its good to play in so that your movements are not constricted by a nice wool or cotton polo shirt.

Next comes the pants. Shorts should never be worn, that looks classless and somewhat immature. People that wear shorts while playing golf generally are in high school or not business men, thus are not as particular about what they where while on the golf course. Pants should be nice, cotton slacks, not wool dress pants, they are constricting and a little too nice for the golf course. Like the golf polo shirts, many companies make golf pants that you can wear that are made for athletic activities and also look great. Finally, the shoes. Wearing the proper shoes is very important. Shoes with cleats in them so that you ca have traction while playing golf, but also golf shoes that look nice. You do not want to wear old beat up golf shoes, because it is the same principle as wearing and old beat up hat, pay attention to the little details.

Yes, all of these things that I have described do not sound like normal business attire. But considering that many business deals are made out on the golf course, the golf course is becoming an entire new workplace of its own. Wearing the right attire is very important; it leads to a great first impression and shows that you care about how you look and how others perceive you. This is almost important as actually learning how to play the sport itself.

Post By Josh Fowler


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