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Haters Gonna Hate

April 20, 2012

Why in the world do so many people think that golf isn’t a sport? Without fail, if golf ever comes up in conversation there are many who are quick to jump in and discount it. Often times, it ranks below Easter egg hunting in terms of sporting merit. But why?

I believe it comes down to a lack of understanding. There is no greater enemy than ignorance. It confuses. It mis-informs. It creates prejudice. Ignorance is the single greatest threat to understanding and is the cause for the hate.

Whenever someone starts hating on golf, I always offer them a challenge. If it’s really not a sport, how about we play a match for $100? If anyone can play it, you should be able to play just as well as I can, right? Without fail, no one accepts. Because they can’t back up the ignorance they are spewing. Why? Because anyone who has ever hit a golf ball knows just how difficult it is.

Golf is the most complex sport in the world. It requires extreme finesse as mistakes of less than a degree can drastically affect the outcome. The smallest of wobbles can cause a putt to miss by several feet. Not a sport? Are you kidding me? If you have a 30 foot, perfectly straight put and your putter face is off by 1/4 of a degree, you will miss by over a foot! If you are standing over a shot, about to hit it and the faintest of doubtful thoughts flicker through your mind, you won’t hit a good shot.

Sure, we don’t run around in jerseys and hit each other. Sure, the ball is sitting still and not thrown at you. Sure, its not reflexive. But it is just as legitimate as any other sport. It has its challenges, its great feats of accomplishments, and moments of extreme excitement. Golf requires talent, coordination, and a mind steeled for competition. I am not going to claim that golf is better than other sports, but it is just as legitimate. So seriously – if you think golf isn’t a sport, call me and we’ll play for a $100 dollars.

Scott from left a comment I feel is worth highlighting –

“What makes golf a sport is that doing it well requires immense physical coordination… and you keep score! I think that’s all that is required to make it a sport.”

I think that is quite accurate!


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  1. April 20, 2012 9:45 pm

    Thanks for revisiting this issue. It is amazing how it keeps coming back.

    I’ve had a very long relationship with golf and definitely agree that it IS a sport… not because of its difficulty though. Chess is difficult and if I am challenged by even an average chess player, I will lose, but that doesn’t make it a sport.

    What makes golf a sport is that doing it well requires immense physical coordination… and you keep score! I think that’s all that is required to make it a sport.

    PS. It’s back in the Olympics in 2016 and that’s a pretty sports oriented event. 😉

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